Jeff Cunningham

Fiona Cunningham

Dr. Jeff Cunningham earned a Masters in Counselling Psychology (MS) from the University of Kentucky, and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.) from Argosy University in Minneapolis.

He is a Licensed Psychologist in Kentucky and a Registered Psychologist in Newfoundland ( He practiced for one year with the Memorial University of Newfoundland Counselling Centre and in 2001 helped found the Bridges Program at Eastern Health, a psychotherapy service for young people at risk for suicide and other immediate problems.  A trauma specialist, he has also practiced extensively with adolescents and adults searching for balance and direction in many forms.

During his life, Jeff has developed an abiding interest in meditation and mind-body spiritual practice that guides his life and professional work.

Jeff now practices psychotherapy from an existential-psychodynamic perspective, believing that when we embrace life fully, a great peace can be found.

WELCOME BACK! Fiona is again accepting clients and is available for morning appointments.

Fiona Cunningham earned a B.Sc. in Psychology from Dalhousie University 

and a Master of Counselling Psychology from Memorial University. She is a Certified Canadian Counsellor (C.C.C.) with the Canadian Counselling and 

Psychotherapy Association.

Fiona worked at Iris Kirby House for many years, a home for women and children leaving domestic violence, and taught Child and Youth Care students. Her internship was completed in the hospital setting with a research focus on death and dying (which can be accessed here). She currently supports families as they prepare of birth as an instructor for Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis. She assists mothers through issues of past abuse, histories of past traumas during past childbirth, and general fears and anxieties, as they prepare for birth. She is also available to new mothers who wish to process their birth experiences. 

A yoga practitioner for many years, Fiona using centering and breath to help support clients. She believes that the client is the expert in their life and feels honoured to be welcomed by clients to the share the unfolding path that's discovered when facing challenges in our lives.