Come As You Are...

Psychotherapy can be a life-changing experience if you want it to be.  To help your self, you can bring with you three things.  First, bring your awareness.  Awareness means giving attention to whatever you experience at the moment.  You may be aware of a feeling, a wish, a memory, a dream, something your five senses tell you: awareness is anything that matters to you at the moment.  

There is no such thing as right or wrong awareness: you feel what you feel.  You may often be asked what you are aware of now, because your awareness is the best guide to the work we do together.  If you feel you are not understood, please say so.

Second, bring your readiness to search for what matters to you.  You often may be asked what’s important to you, what’s meaningful to you, or what you would like to work on today.  You are welcome to bring an object that matters to you, for example, artwork or photos, or to do some creative arts right here.  

Third, bring your self, just as you are.  You may become aware of things that seem beautiful or terrible to you, or have nothing special to say at the moment.  Be patient with your self as you make sense of your experiences, both the beautiful and the terrible, and find your own way to live a meaningful life.